Therapeutic massage is being prescribed more frequently by physicians to complement traditional treatments for injury, illness and pain as a growing body of research documents its efficacy.

o   Sports injuries, including pulled and strained muscles
o   Muscle tension headaches
o   Arthritis
o   Anxiety and stress
o   Depression

o   Increased range of motion and flexibility
o   Enhancement of the immune system
o   Increased circulation
o   Decreased blood pressure
o   Stimulation of endorphin release (natural pain killers)
o   Pain reduction
o   Muscle relaxation
o   Healthy skin
o   Improved sleep
o   General relaxation

o   Reduced chance of injury
o   Improved range of motion and muscle flexibility
o   Improved power and performance
o   Shortened recovery time between workouts
o   Increased blood flow maximizing supply of oxygen and nutrients
o   Enhanced metabolic by-product elimination

o   Mental clarity
o   Reduced anxiety
o   Emotional release
o   Increased vitality
o   General well-being