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Bud Morris:
"Barbara Smith is more than just a very accomplished massage therapist. Her touch is certainly healing, but what really makes the experience worthwhile is the inner strength and peacefulness she provides her clients."

 Kaye Youngren, CEO
“I just returned from the most wonderful massage.  The week had been stressful so when I laid upon the table with an aching neck and shoulder muscles like unbending tree limbs, I eagerly awaited the magic touch of Barbara. Following the massage, my headache is gone and I can turn my neck – in both directions without pain; plus the muscles in my shoulders are relaxed.  So what did I do when I got home?  I immediately made another appointment.  Recommend her?  You bet I do!  Seeing Barbara on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I encourage you to give yourself the gift of a massage with Barbara.”                                                         

Michelle Ego, C.S.C.S  Personal Trainer at the Multnomah Athletic Club
"Barbara is my first recommendation when Multnomah Athletic Club members ask me for a massage therapist that can assist them with specific muscle imbalances/issues or for a very relaxing massage.  For the last ten years of recommending Barbara, I know that the quality of massage, professionalism, massage studio and massage creams will always be top notch and cutting edge.  The positive comments and returning clients, reaffirm Barbara's excellence!"

Tracy Buseman-Carlstrom:

"Barbara is an expert at helping people relax from the moment you meet her to the time you leave after your massage.  She has a calming presence.  She creates a peaceful environment and works out the stress that works its way into your body.  She is very responsive to how much pressure you are comfortable with and working on areas that need the most attention.  I always leave her office feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated."

Leslie Braverman, Co-Owner Pacfic NW Pilates:

"I had the pleasure of experiencing my first massage with Barbara Smith just a few weeks ago. I had walked in for my appointment after a very stressful week of work that had been made worse due to persistent neck and shoulder pain. After just a few minutes into the massage, I knew that Barbara had the skill and intuition to make my upper body feel better, and the ability to diminish the stress that I had been feeling. Because I worked as a professional ballet dancer for many years, and now own a pilates studio, I have gone to many massage therapists. Too often, I have encountered therapists without the perception to determine my needs. With Barbara, I immediately sensed that she had the keen insight to pick up my body's cues and the skillful subtlety of technique to know how to modulate her pressure and timing necessary to relax my muscles and mind. Immediately after the massage my body felt restored and my neck and shoulders have felt better ever since. I would recommend Barbara Smith to anyone looking for a great massage!" 

Ginny Utti:
"That was the most wonderful (BEST)  massage - - a sense of wellbeing stayed with me the entire day, thank you so much.  You truly have a gift."

Liz Healy-Kay, owner LHK Marketing
Barb gives the most awesome massage! I spend hours at my computer and despite my efforts for good form, I still incur chronic neck and shoulder pain that affects my entire well-being. Nothing else will get me feeling better unless I have an hour with Barb. She gets to the root and works out all the pain, very intuitive to what is going on in the body. I love her warm, soothing massage room too!

 Alan Artman:
"In 2008 I was doing a long hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and suddenly had to quit the hike when I had a painful torn muscle in my calf.  I saw your brochure in Dr. McClanahan’s office, noted that you worked with sports injuries, and made an appointment for a massage specifically addressing the injury.  You gave me three massages in three weeks, and by the fourth week I was back hiking again, and by the sixth week I was back on the PCT, where I continued my hike for another two months!

In the years since, I have continued getting regular massages from you, and I have continued with my distance hiking.  It is my strong belief that the work you do on my legs keeps me hiking.  I’m 64 years old, and last summer I hiked 1,200 miles of the PCT in four months, with no foot/leg injuries of any kind!  

THANK YOU BARB!  If I hadn’t come to you in 2008, I doubt I would ever have got back on the trail.  Keep up the excellent work!"

Joan Sandberg
"Barb has what I call “magic hands.” Many times, I have walked in to her studio with localized pain or limited range of motion in my back or neck and Barb has been able to put everything back in order.   Although each time she asks if I have any specific issue or pain and then listens astutely to my answer, she can always find the area without my direction, plus all the associated areas of which I am not aware. Being the dedicated professional that she is, Barb also strives to improve her techniques by attending continuing educational workshops.  Barb is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had with excellent knowledge and skill plus the intuition and sensitivity to my needs, which allows me to relax and let her healing hands do the work they do so well."