My personal experience as an avid runner and athlete, together with my academic knowledge of health and fitness, has fostered my passion to be a catalyst of healing and wellness through the art of massage. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Linfield Nursing School, a Masters degree in Public Health Education from Portland State University and additional postgraduate study in Gerontology. I am a graduate of East/West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon.

I have had extensive training in a variety of massage techniques that allow me to assist each client in achieving their health goals. As a runner, I understand how easy it is for an athlete to overwork their body and then be frustrated when it becomes injured. However, as a massage therapist I have come to appreciate the importance of massage as a means of injury prevention, as well as restoration after injury has occurred.

In our stress-filled lives we are often overwhelmed and mentally running on empty. Therapeutic massage is a remarkable tool for helping cope with stress. It can give you a welcome break and help you to feel better physically and mentally. Over time, massage can help develop healthy responses to the stresses of our daily lives.

As a health practitioner and educator I support and encourage a holistic approach to health that balances mind, body and spirit. In the busyness of life we often forget to slow down and remember how to be present in our bodies. Massage is a helpful tool for re-establishing that awareness. By making massage a regular part of your life you can experience ongoing, cumulative effects of reduced muscle tension, increased vitality, and a calmer state of mind.